• just put: [gmap]my address[/gmap] and you're done!
  • no API keys, no setup, no code editing, no bulls**t
  • works in sidebars, posts, pages and custom post types
  • supports fullscreen and custom location icons/pins

Shortcode used: [gmap]Times Square, New York, USA[/gmap]
Only one (and the only mandatory) parameter is defined – address.

Shortcode used: [gmap fullscreen=1 show_description="true" icon="star" description="White House|The official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States (DIRECTIONS)."]White House, Washington, USA[/gmap]
Description bubble will be visible immediately after map is loaded (show_description=”true”); if this is false (default) you need to click on the marker to show the bubble. Icon is changed to “star” and we entered a description in “title|rest of text” format. Full screen view is enabled to.

Shortcode used: [gmap fullscreen=1 width="400px" height="400px" type="hybrid" zoom=10]London, UK[/gmap]
After defining width and height in pixels we set the map type to hybrid (satellite + roads) and zoom level to 10 (which is 50% of [0-20]). Full screen view is enabled to.

Shortcode used: [gmap fullscreen=1 description="$desc" zoom=11]$my_address[/gmap]
Both the address and description are pulled from custom fields which we defined for this page (screenshot). Click on the marker to toggle description. Full screen view is enabled to.

array (
  'width' => '100%',
  'height' => '400px',
  'address' => 'Los Angeles, USA',
  'lat' => '',
  'lng' => '',
  'description' => '',
  'show_description' => false,
  'zoom' => 12,
  'fullscreen' => false,
  'icon' => 'http://www.graphicsfactory.com/clip-art/image_files/tn_image/1/570901-tn_sun_1102.gif',
  'type' => 'ROADMAP',
  'disable_cache' => false,
  'debug' => true,
  'post_id' => '4',
  'title' => 'Los Angeles, CA, USA',
array ( 'lat' => '34.0522342', 'lng' => '-118.2436849', 'address' => 'Los Angeles, CA, USA', )

Shortcode used: [gmap icon="http://www.graphicsfactory.com/clip-art/image_files/tn_image/1/570901-tn_sun_1102.gif" debug=1 zoom=12]Los Angeles, USA[/gmap]
The icon is custom, defined via full URL and debugging is turned on.

Shortcode used: [gmap zoom=12 lat="37.774921" lng="-122.419453" /]
Custom entered coordinates.