• just put: [gmap]my address[/gmap] and you're done!
  • no API keys, no setup, no code editing, no bulls**t
  • works in sidebars, posts, pages and custom post types
  • supports fullscreen and custom location icons/pins

Plugin may not be working – wp_footer() issue

In order to work properly the plugin does not require wp_footer() function call in theme footer.php. However we stongly suggest that you use the wp_footer() function call. If you don’t have it plugin is going to try and work around it and give you a warning in admin.
If you’re theme doesn’t have that code and the plugin is not working properly place this code just above the </body> tag:

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

After you make any changes to your theme regarding the wp_footer() call please deactivate/activate the plugin. Don’t worry, no maps will be lost.

Plugin is not working – shortcode name conflict

If another plugin is using the [gmap] shortcode name you have to either disable that plugin or change the shortcode 5sec Google Maps uses.
Changing the shortcode name is simple. Open 5sec-gmaps.php with a text editor and find the define statement on line 12. Change “gmap” into something similar, ie: gmap2. Close the file and re-upload it on the server.

Bubble/description on map is broken

Your CSS is interfiring with the map’s CSS. There are numerous things that could be wrong but for start add this rules to your CSS:

.gmap-canvas {
  line-height: 98%;
  font-size: 99%;

Images inside the map are not aligned properly

Make sure the map and images inside it do NOT have a max-width: 100%; CSS property set on them. You can reset that property with:

.gmap-canvas img {
  max-width: none!important;

I entered location X as the address, but map shows location Y

Google didn’t understand your address. Try writing it in more detail. Don’t forget the city and country name. If you can’t get it to work try your addresses on maps.google.com and then copy/paste the address into the shortcode when you find the right combination.

Can I place multiple markers/addresses on the same map?

No, this plugin doesn’t support that. But 5sec Google Maps PRO does so you can check it out.

Can I place multiple maps on the same page/post/screen?

Yes, as many as you like!

I’m getting some XML fetch/parse errors

Google Maps API is probably down. This happens rarely and lasts only for a couple of minutes. Be patient for a while.

Do parameters/variables have to be entered in any particular order?

No, you can define them in any order you like.

Map doesn’t work after I enable full screen.

Full screen requires jQuery. Please include jQuery on your map pages.

Map doesn’t work/shows blank in tabs.

This is a known issue if maps is initially hidden or in this case it’s not put in the default tab. You have to initialize the map when it’s tab is shown, not on document.ready() as usual.